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Organic Fennel Seeds - 1.8 oz French Jar - 5471

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    • ORGANIC FENNEL SEEDS: Similar in taste to star anise and anise seeds, fennel seed has a mild licorice flavor. When fresh, dried fennel seed is brown or green in color, but it turns a dull gray as it ages; it is used in cookery and sweet desserts. A pantry staple, it makes a great anytime gift for master chefs and beginners alike.
    • FENNEL FOR CHINESE FIVE SPICE: Anise flavored Fennel seed is an ingredient in the important Five Spice blend used to make dishes like Chinese-style braised beef, Dan Dan noodles and Cantonese Roast Pork. Packaged in a lovely French jar with a steel lid, it's a delicious organic spice at an everyday price.
    • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: These 100% USDA Certified organic fennel seeds are perfect for cooking and as an ingredient in a fennel spice rub. Try it on fresh pork and chicken and in a Chinese marinade. It's also delicious in Greek Fennel Cookies
    • ORGANIC QUALITY: Packed in our SQF-certified warehouse in the USA, these Organic Ground Fennel Seeds are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and paleo & keto friendly. They were farmed all-naturally and are pathogen-free. 
    Fennel seeds are the dried fruit of the Foeniculum vulgare plant, which is native to the Mediterranean. Because of their physical resemblance to cumin seeds, fennel seeds are sometimes called sweet cumin or large cumin. Our Organic Whole Fennel Seeds come from Africa, Asia and the USA, and they are packed in the USA.

    Chef Fiona uses Organic Fennel Seeds in Peking Duck, Greek Fennel Cookies and Chicken & Escarole Soup. Add fennel seeds to homemade Italian sausage or sauerkraut, toast and grind it for soups and curries, or add it to marinades and spice rubs. Infuse olive oil with fennel seed, and brush it on pork, chicken or potatoes. It is also an element for the Bengali spice mix Panch Phoron, used in samosas and cauliflower curry. Add fennel seeds to dips like tzatziki for salmon or yogurt sauce for lamb kebabs. Throw some onto flatbreads before baking for some added savory crunch. They also add delicious, piquant flavor to herby breadsticks.

    Fennel seed is also interesting in sweet baked goods like cookies and cornbread. Use fennel seeds when you throw together a Greek winder salad like Lahanosalata, or bake a crusty loaf of Scandinavian rye bread. In the style of Indian and Pakistani diners, pop a few sugared or candied fennel seeds in your mouth after meals as a breath freshener and digestive aid.

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