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Looking to create a memorable seasoning blend for private label? We have the formula for success. With our fresh and flavorful premium and organic spices, we will not only replicate, develop and produce your product, but we will guide you through the entire process and take your product to next-level flavor.

        • Full-time chef-in-residence
        • In-house design team
        • Research and development kitchen
        • Fresh and flavorful premium and organic spices and seasonings
        • Award-winning blends
        • SQF-certified production facility
        • Woman-owned, family-run business
        • 5x on the INC 5000 List
        • Years of experience
        • Orthodox Union kosher certification
        • UPCs available for purchase
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Private & White Label

How do I get started?

Develop your custom blend or choose one from our catalog.
Our team will develop your concept in house.


1) Blend Creation Base with Formula Price: $250.00
Provide us with an existing formula in grams and a finished sample. We will replicate it, run a small batch and send you two delicious versions from which to choose. The price includes scaling, revising the formula (1x) if needed, and logging and reviewing the formula for allergens, gluten and ingredient compliance. We will also add your formula to our SQF compliance system for traceability.

2) Blend Creation Price / No Formula Price: $500.00
If you don’t have a formula and need us to convert your grandma’s index card from tablespoons to grams, the fee is $500.00, which includes all the services listed above in option 1 and up to 3 revisions.
Additional revisions: $100.00 each

3) Reverse Engineering Base Price: $750.00
Give us a sample. We’ll break it down, clone/copy it, tweak it to perfection and create a recipe. This service requires a lot of time and work from our talented blend engineer /chef. We will have to make many versions before we narrow them down to the three versions that we will send for your approval. Any additional revisions will be $100.00 each. Once you choose your blend, we will provide all of the services listed in option 1.

4) White Label Base Price: TBD
Choose from our many award-winning, delicious seasoning blends. Our premium spices and gourmet rubs & blends provide a full sensory experience: fresh, delicious flavor; intense aromas; tangible textures; bright, natural colors and satisfying crunches. Check out products on our website or download our catalog for product options.

Choose a Custom Container: Prices Vary

Work with our in-house design department to choose a container. We offer packaging options to fit every price point and work with suppliers from around the world to source a unique selection of glass, plastic and other containers. See our wholesale catalog for container options. For any custom packaging or different packaging, please contact us with the vessel and blend you would like to pack and we will work out a minimum and quote based on the custom item. We offer 3D design and own many custom jar glass and PET molds to use for your unique blend. 

Click see the link at the bottom of the page for our Private Label Catalog.

Create Your Label Artwork: Quotes Provided

Provide your own artwork or work with our team to develop a compelling, beautiful label that complements your brand.


Place Your Order: Prices Vary


Commonly Asked Questions About Co-packing Spices
  • What are the MINIMUMS?
    • When using an existing Spice Lab blend, it is 50 cases (300 jars) per flavor. See the Wholesale Price list for case pricing. P/L case pricing includes standard label stock (White BOPP). Custom label stocks are available at an additional charge and custom stocks may delay the project or increase the minimum cases needed.
    • When using your custom blend, there is a minimum of 500 lb per product. This amount of product will typically make 1200 to 1600 shaker jars of finished goods, depending on the fluffiness of the blend.

  • Do you provide a barcode, or do I need to obtain a barcode and give it to you?
      You need to provide us a UPC barcode.
      Here is a good place to buy a GTIN (UPC) barcode:
      They are the company that manages all UPCs in the world.
    • Can you design a custom label using my own artwork and the information that I provide?
      Yes, we can.
        • Labeling fees:
          We have a $100.00 one time per label setup fee for each SKU. We proof and log the label into our food safety database program for accurate ingredients and required FDA information.
        • Additional Label Graphic Design Services – Graphic Design ($125.00 per hour):
      We can design or assist you in the design of your label and/or brand. We can use your existing artwork and format it into our standard dieline if needed. We have a great team of designers and artists to assist you in everything from the label and box design to web design and advertisements.
      • Do I need batch numbers on my labels? Do you provide them?
      We provide all tracking and mark each jar. As part of our SQF program, we log and track all batches of spice, packaging and labels. We encode every item with a unique batch code, “Best Buy” date and Julian (made on date) for full tracking and age management of your items.

      FYI – for clarity: There are no secrets in the spice business. The issue with seasoning formulas is the ingredients are printed on the jar in the amount used in the blend from most to least. Everyone will know what is in the blend and a good chef or spice blender will be able to reverse engineer your blend in no time. My suggestion is to make your blend, tweak it for your flavor profile and market the heck out of your brand and story. People buy brands and great stories.

      • Do you offer custom design services?
      Yes. We offer 3D design services where we can design a custom glass or PET bottle.
      • Are you FDA approved?
      Yes, we are fully registered and inspected.
      FYI - Don’t rely on a FDA registration number to choose a spice blender, as they are easy to get. You should ask for a current HACCP and SQF inspection audit. See below for info on HACCP / SQF certification. SQF is the gold standard in food safety and required to sell items to any national / large retailer.  Don’t hire a company that does not have a current HACCP certification in the least. You should also require a SQF audit if you want to sell the any large company as they will require your blends be packed by a SQF co-packer.

      Our current HACCP / SQF certificates are available upon request.
      • Do I need to obtain and provide you with a state food registration number or does this get bypassed by using your business’s services?
      We do not need one. Having a license is between you and where you are selling food. Every state and some cities have all kinds of different rules. It is your responsibility to be compliant when selling food. If you are selling over a state line or to a national chain, you will need to get a FDA registration number, these are easy to get (see below for links). Most states have different levels of food registration, depending on the type of food, where you are selling (farmers markets or selling to others) and how large your company is. It is your responsibility to check with your local government.
      If you want someone to do this for you (for a fee) see Registrar Corp.
      •  Do I need to provide a current business license?
               To set up a wholesale account you will need to be licensed.
      • Do you know if I need to obtain any separate licenses to sell this product commercially in retail stores? If so, can you direct me the permits I need? This is all on you. You need to research and become compliant in your local city and state. More or less, it depends on how big you are and to whom you want to sell to. Most states have a “home / farm” program where you can sell at local markets without a license, not to stores. To sell to a store, most states do require a more regulated registration. If you plan to sell to a national store, they will require the correct licensing and your co-packer that has a SQF certification.

      • What is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)?
        HACCP is a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.

        HACCP is what we use for all tracing, recalls, logging, testing and training for your items.

        Click here for info detailed info on HACCP procedures and programs:
        Regsitrar Corp: 
      • What is SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification and why it is important?
        We are not the cheapest place to buy spices. We are not about cheap; we are about quality, safety and innovation. It costs a lot to be a SQF facility. We spend approximately $400,000.00 a year maintaining our facility to be SQF compliant.

        Part of SQF is continual training of all staff, daily / hourly cleaning, tracing and documenting every ingredient, finishing blends and packing products. We inspect all ingredients before packing.  Every time we do a switch over (where we switch form one blend to another blend) that has any Allergen or gluten, we do a full deep cleaning and allergen testing before the line can run the next blend. As a certified organic facility, we must use organic compliant chemicals to clean the lines and equipment.
        The Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification is a rigorous food safety and quality program recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The SQF food safety and quality codes are designed to meet consumer, industry and regulatory requirements for all sectors of the food supply chain from farm to fork.

        Buying from a food producer that is SQF certified helps assure your buyers that their food products have been grown, produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest standards of food safety and quality.

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