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The Spice Lab New Orleans Blackened Cajun Seasoning - All Purpose Dry Rub for Seafood, Poultry & More great on White Fish & Crab Cakes – Zesty Spice

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    • GLUTEN-FREE CAJUN SEASONING: A New Orleans-style seasoning crackling with Cajun flavor, this mouthwatering all purpose blend is the one to reach for when you're blackening meat. Just dip a thin chicken breast in butter or oil and season. Then, place meat in a sizzling, oiled pan and sear on high heat. This Cajun blend will make any lean, mild meat a tasty sensation.
    • BOLD BLACKENING SEASONING FOR MEAT & SEAFOOD: This Louisiana-zesty, all purpose seasoning is perfect for roasting a whole chicken, baking chicken breasts and grilling chicken wings. It's also a carefully blended rub designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite seafood and fresh water fish. It's equally as good on salmon fillets, crab cakes and roasted vegetables.
    • ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This chef-crafted blend combines crunchy Hudson Valley salt, sweet paprika, dried onion & garlic, chili pepper, black pepper, oregano, chipotle pepper, white pepper and spices.
    • KETO FRIENDLY SPICES AND SEASONINGS: Whether you're seasoning white fish, burgers or vegan dishes, you can count on mouthwatering, gourmet flavor and a clean label from The Spice Lab. Packed in an SQF-certified facility in the USA, this all-natural blackening rub is non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free. It's the perfect keto and paleo seasoning.

    This New Orleans-style blackening blend brings a zesty, Cajun flavor to seafood, shellfish and poultry. Blackening is the process of cooking meats - white fish, chicken and shrimp - that have been dipped in butter or oil, seasoned and placed in a sizzling hot, oiled skillet and seared on high heat. The goal is to create a "blackened" crust on the outside of the meat without overcooking it, and this all-natural blend of crunchy Hudson Valley salt, sweet paprika, dried onion & garlic, chili pepper, black pepper, oregano, chipotle pepper, white pepper and spices will take whatever you're blackening from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s as delicious on grilled salmon as it is on a deep-fried turkey. Simply coat meat in oil and season with the spice blend before cooking. Mix this seasoning with mayonnaise, pickle relish, lemon juice and blackening seasoning for a delicious Cajun-style tartar sauce. For your next fish fry, add a pop of flavor to your dried breading mixture for a fish fry. Just dip pieces of cod or other white fish in a batter of milk, buttermilk or beer and then dredge in seasoned flour, cornmeal or cracker crumbs. It’s also delicious on shrimp kebobs, trout, catfish and perch. On meatier cuts such as salmon or swordfish steaks, apply the rub at least 30 minutes before cooking.