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Organic Indian Curry Powder - 2.1 oz French Jar - 5442

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    • ORGANIC CURRY POWDER: Curry powder is delicious when used to capture the essence of Indian, Japanese, African, and West Indies’ cooking. It is also an excellent all purpose seasoning. Add it to soups, stews and vegetables. Use it to flavor meat in marinades, rubs and sauces. It's also delicious on scrambled and deviled eggs.
    • CURRY POWDER FOR SOUPS, STOCKS & BROTHS: Curry powder is aromatic, savory and sweet with a hint of spiciness. It's an appealing addition to a variety of foods. Sprinkle this blend on match-sticked carrots or cauliflower steaks before roasting. Add a colorful twist to your egg or potato salad with curry powder.
    • PREMIUM ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Organic Indian Curry Powder is 100% USDA organic certified. It's composed of turmeric, coriander, sea salt, garlic, cumin, onion, ginger, cayenne, fenugreek, fennel and black pepper. It's an excellent keto spice. Use it to spice up a salad dressing for spinach or a grain bowl. Try it in a chicken, pork or beef marinade for a punch of flavor.
    • GOURMET QUALITY: Packed in an SQF-certified facility in the USA, Organic Indian Curry Powder is all-naturally farmed, pathogen-free and certified organic. This curry blend is paleo and keto friendly, kosher, gluten-free and non-GMO. 

    Curry powder is a spice blend concept invented by British colonialists in India in the 18th century. Those returning to Britain, who expected to miss the flavorful, varied cuisine of India, could purchase curry powder as a simple way to capture some of the tastes they had come to embrace. While not specifically authentic to a particular country or culture, curry powder is an easy and delicious way to create a variety of savory dishes in the style of Indian, Caribbean, African and Asian cuisines. Ingredients can differ, but our organic blend is composed of turmeric, coriander, sea salt, garlic, cumin, onion, ginger, cayenne, fenugreek, fennel and black pepper. This blend is sourced from and packed in the USA.

    If you're not as concerned with authenticity, curry powder is the key to mimicking Indian favorites like Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Chana Masala, Vindaloo sauce and fried samosas. You can also use it as a shortcut to Jamaican dishes like Beef Patties or Curried Chicken with Pigeon Peas. 

    Quick Fixes: Add curry powder to your scrambled eggs. Toast curry powder in a little melted butter and toss it with popcorn. Mix it with mayo or ketchup for a fun french fry dip.

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