From ancient times, salt bath soaks have been considered a natural remedy to soften skin, absorb nutrients, relieve stress and purify the body. The Spice Lab's salt bath soaks are all-natural 100% pure sea salt, some blended with herbs and essential oils, to create a relaxing and rejuvenating at-home spa experience. Use a cupful for a soothing bath or increase the quantity of salt used for maximum healing benefits. Below are instructions for a Traditional Himalayan Salt “Sole” Detoxification Bath.

Step 1: Turn on the hot water, when water becomes hot, close drain. Place 1 Kilo / 2.2 Pounds of Himalayan crystals in the bottom of the tub. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of hot water to completely cover the bottom. Allow the salt crystals to dissolve. You will notice the minerals and clays dissolving out of the salt, this is normal.

Step 2: Fill the tub with very warm but not hot water. It is best to take a bath that is around or slightly above body temperature for best results. The water needs to be a comfortable temperature for your body so you can relax and absorb the minerals. If it is too hot you will perspire too much and dry out the skin. Don't overfill the tub, you don't want all that wonderful mineral-laden water to go down the overflow drain. You can always add more water and adjust the temperature once you are in the tub.

Step 3: Allow 20-30 minutes to relax in the water, soaking every part of your body. Do not use soap or rinse off the water. For best results allow your body to air dry after leaving the tub to let the minerals fully penetrate your skin. Use this time in the tub to read something inspirational, pray, meditate or communicate with your guides.

Step 4: After air drying, wrap up in a robe and rest for at least 30 minutes to allow your body to re-balance and rejuvenate. You will feel refreshed, relaxed and renewed. Discover the healing and soothing benefits of sole baths, you will find this to be a healthy and relaxing way to pamper yourself!


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  1. No. 53 - Himalayan Pink Salt (Olive Stones)
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    No. 53 - Himalayan Pink Salt (Olive Stones)
  2. No. 275 - Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak (Coarse)
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    No. 275 - Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Soak (Coarse)
  3. Himalayan Pink Salt (Stones)
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    Himalayan Pink Salt (Stones)
  4. No. 89 - Himalayan Crystal Diamond 'Halite' Salt (Stones)
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    No. 89 - Himalayan Crystal Diamond 'Halite' Salt (Stones)

9 Items

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