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"Deconstructed" Adult S'mores

People's Choice Winner of The Spice Lab's 2017 Golden Ticket Recipe Contest

1. Place the 3.5 gelatin envelopes and 1/3 C of the water in a small bowl and set aside. It’s going to look and smell pretty gross, but don’t worry it’s going to be delicious in the end! 2. Put a medium saucepan over medium/ medium-low heat and place 2C sugar and the remaining water in it, about 2 minutes later add the 1/3C corn syrup to and and crank the heat up to medium-high. Bring this mixture to a boil. 3. While waiting for the saucepan to come to a boil head over to your stand mixer, hopefully you have one otherwise you’re going to look like Popeye by the end of this! Now that you’re at your stand mixer, toss in the 3 egg whites and 1/2 t of sea salt and whip them on 1 until they are a slightly frothy. 4. Head back over to your saucepan, it should be boiling by now. Pull the saucepan off the heat and add your Four Roses Bourbon and the smelly gelatin we were playing with earlier. While the gelatin melts kick your stand mixer back on to the highest speed possible, whipping those egg whites really good. 5. Once the egg whites look like a fluffy cloud, start to add the syrupy mixture very very slowly, you don’t want to get hit with boiling hot syrup..! 6. Next add in your two scraped Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Now you are going to whip, whip and wait, wait until the mixture is thick, fluffy and your mixing bowl is cold to the touch, about 20-30 minutes. You mighty as well make yourself another Maple-Bourbon Smash and turn on Netflix. 7. In about 20 minutes you can sift together the powdered sugar and cornstarch and thickly and evenly spread it out on a 18x10 inch baking sheet. DO NOT LEAVE ANY BARE SPOTS! Bare spots = catastrophe! By the time you are done coating the baking sheet your marshmallow mixture should be ready. 8. Pour your fluffy marshmallow crème onto the prepared baking sheet, make sure it is evenly distributed (I used my bowl scrapper it’s much faster than a spatula, but work with what the good Lord gave ya!) 9. Dust the top of the marshmallow crème with a little corn starch and powdered sugar and let it sit at room temp, uncovered for about 5 hours. Now is the time you get to go back to binge watching you new fav Netflix show. 10. After the five hours have passed you can begin portioning out your marshmallows. I used a cute little leaf cookie cutter but the Candied Lemon Peels: 1.Using a paring knife or vegetable peeler, remove the peel in vertical strips. I removed most of the bitter pith but you can leave on as much as you’d like. Then cut the peel into your desired shapes. 2. Combine ¼ C water and lemon into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Once it comes to a boil pour out water and start the process over again, you will want to do this process 3-4 times to remove the bitterness from the peel. After the last boil, set the lemon peels to the side. 3. Put ½ C sugar and ¼ C water in the sauce pan and heat over medium-high heat. Bring this mixture to a boil and whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved. 4. Drop peels into syrup, lower the heat to medium-low and let simmer until the peels are translucent. Once translucent, drain the syrup and toss the peels in a bowl with sugar. Toss the peels until they are thoroughly covered in sugar then shape the peels into desired shape. You will want to work quickly while doing this because the peels with harden up fairly quickly, you will also want to be careful because the syrup is piping hot and can burn you fairly badly. Graham Sand: 1. This is a crazy simple step, take one or two graham crackers and place them into a food processor and pulse them to your desired consistency. Dark Chocolate Drizzle My Nizzle: 1. Get a medium saucepan and put roughly ½ C water in it and bring to a boil. Place a bowl on top of the saucepan to create a double boiler. Place the 4oz Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar into the bowl and continuously stir to avoid hotspots and burning. Melt the chocolate down completely and place into a bottle for easy plating. Plating up Summer Daze: At this point you can play with the plating so it fits your personality or matches your level of OCD, but I will walk you through my process. 1. First grab yourself a 10-inch plate. Next you will grab your dark chocolate bottle, you will squirt a 2-inch line close to the edge of the plate then smear it towards the center of the plate using a pastry brush. Next add three chocolate dots of different sizes about 1-inch away from your chocolate smear trail. 2. Grab three of your leaf shaped Bourbon marshmallows and roll its sticky sides in graham sand, then place them on the chocolate smear at 2, 7, and 11, showing my level of OCD ha! Next slightly toast the mallows with a blow torch. 3. Now grab a spoon and begin placing graham sand on the right side of each leaf, making sure the sand is right next to the mallow. 4. Grab a little pinch of the ground cinnamon I bet you though I forgot about and ever so lightly sprinkle the plate, it might help if you pretend you are Tinkerbell sprinkling fair dust everywhere, trust me it helps! 5. Next grab 3-4 candied lemon peels and place one or two on top of each marshmallow. Lastly, grab your Maple Pearls and begin to top the candied peels with them. (Using tweezers definitely make this part a lot easier). Bon Appetit! This process actually takes approximately 6 hours due to the marshmallows having to set but that amount of time wasn't listed, it's totally worth the wait though!

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Bourbon Marshmallows:

- 3.5 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin

- 2/3 cups cold water

- 2 cup granulated sugar

- 1/3 cup light corn syrup

- 3/4 cup Bourbon

- 3 large egg whites

- 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt (Fine)

- 2 Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Bean halved and scrapped

Dusting Marshmallows:

- ½ cup powdered sugar

- ½ cup corn starch

Candied Lemon Peel:

- 1 lemon

- ¼ cup granulated sugar + ¼ cup sugar for 1 jar Tips Notes

Make yourself a Maple-Bourbon Smash to sip on while we make these, it was the inspiration after all, and you have a few hours of waiting around to do for this recipe so don't let the mallows have all the fun!! Bourbon Marshmallows: 

Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 60 minutes
Yield 12 servings
Level Easy
Credits Chef DIana Hicks
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