Private & White Label



Develop your custom blend or choose one from our catalog.

Our team will develop your concept in-house.


1) Blend Creation Base with Formula Price: $500.00

Provide us with an existing formula in grams and a finished sample. We will replicate it, run a small batch and send you two delicious versions from which to choose. The price includes scaling, revising the formula (1x) if needed, and logging and reviewing the formula for allergens, gluten and ingredient compliance. We will also add your formula to our SQF compliance system for traceability.


2) Blend Creation Price / No Formula Price: $750.00

If you don’t have a formula and need us to convert your grandma’s index card from tablespoons to grams, the fee is $750.00, which includes all the services listed above in option 1 and up to 3 revisions.


3) Reverse Engineering Base Price: $1500.00

Give us a sample. We’ll break it down, clone/copy it, tweak it to perfection and create a recipe. This service requires a lot of time and work from our talented blend engineer /chef. We will have to make many versions before we narrow them down to the three versions that we will send for your approval. Once you choose your blend, we will provide all of the services listed in option 1.


4) White Label Base Price: TBD

Choose from our many award-winning, delicious seasoning blends. Our premium spices and gourmet rubs & blends provide a full sensory experience: fresh, delicious flavor; intense aromas; tangible textures; bright, natural colors and satisfying crunches. Check out products on our website or download our catalog for product options.


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