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No. 25 - Prince of Wales Tea

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This blend of teas is fit for a „king-in-waiting???.

Element #1: We have used a very rich Indian Assam tea as the dominant component in this blend to honor the role India has played in the British Empire. India throughout the late 1800???s and early 1900???s played an important role in the success of the English and often was the playground of the Royals who would come on cruises or visit the spa???s at Darjeeling. Kings George V, George VI, Edward and Queen Elizabeth all were known to tip a cuppa with the local English gentry and Indian Maharajas. The tea they built their Empire on also helped build a stronger India.

Element #2: The tea industry in Sri Lanka - formerly known as Ceylon was started by the British in the mid 1800???s. Tea is now the most important agricultural export product for Sri Lanka and provides jobs for hundreds of thousands on the „teardrop??? shaped island. Viewing tea estates, roads and railways you will see evidence of the British „bulldog??? nature - during the 1800???s only the British would have been „mad??? enough to push roads through the jungles and steep mountains.

Element #3: True to the British national anthem „God Save the King??? we added Gunpowder green tea and Lucky Dragon Hyson green tea with their high polyphenol count to try and bring this ideal to the blend.

Element #4: The English colonists always tried to keep a little bit of England around them and this is typified by the bungalows and gardens on the tea estates. We have enhanced this blend with a hint of black currants the typical English garden berry - a reminder of home for the „expats???.

In conclusion, while you are enjoying this wonderful tasting tea you can „see??? the current Prince of Wales lifting his teacup from his saucer, taking a sip and exclaiming “Good Show!!” Another afternoon in Sandringham...

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SKU 8025
Shelf Life 10 Years
Packed United States of America
Ingredients Black tea, Green tea, Cornflower & Safflower petals, Natural flavors
Antioxidant High
Caffeine Medium
Iced? No
Lemon? No
Milk? Yes
Mint? No
Sugar? Yes
Chinese Gongfu Method (Water Amount) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Water Temp) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Amount) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Time) Not Available
Western Method (Water Amount) 8.45 fl oz / 250 ml
Western Method (Water Temp) 212 F / 100 C
Western Method (Amount) 1 Teaspoon
Western Method (Time) 3-7 Mins (to taste)
All Natural Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Kosher No
Non-GMO Yes
Organic No
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