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No. 24 - Best of the Bay Seafood Seasoning

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Shelf Life 10 Years
Origin United States of America
Common Uses

Created especially for chicken and turkey, this rub adds a tasty seasoning sensation to any lean, mild meat. Excellent for roasting a whole chicken, baked chicken breasts, grilled wings or as the spices mixed with flour in favorite fried chicken recipes.

Sprinkle the rub on both sides of chicken parts - breasts, legs and thighs - and pat gently to adhere to the meat. Brown in a skillet and then bake in the oven for 2-4 minutes or in a slow cooker on low for 3-4 hours.

To season a deep fried turkey, sprinkle the rub inside the bird

Ingredients N/A
All Natural Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Organic No
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