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No. 230 - Horseradish Powder

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Latin Name Armoracia Rusticana
Biological Family Brassicaceae
SKU 5230
Shelf Life 10 Years
Origin United States of America
Packed United States of America
Common Uses To make horseradish sauce, mix 1 part powder with 2 parts water, using more or less water for desired thickness. For mustard, mix together equal parts powdered horseradish, mustard powder and vinegar. For cocktail sauce, simply mix 2 tbsp. powder with 1 cup ketchup. It???s a zesty addition to dips, sour cream, tomato juice and Bloody Marys.
Ingredients Horseradish
All Natural Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Organic No
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