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No. 4198 - Herbes de Provence & Fleur de Sel Blend

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Herbes de Provence Blend is a mixture of summer herbs that are common to southern France and Guatemalan Fleur de Sel Salt. The hot temperature of southern France in late summer is ideal for growing these herbs, that include Thyme, Blue Lavender Flowers, Rosemary, Majoram, Fennel Seed, Savory, & Basil. Herbs de Provence is a flavorful addition to dishes from the Mediterranean region in addition to French cuisine.
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SKU 4198
Shelf Life 10 Years
Origin United States of America
Packed United States of America
Common Uses Use in stews with baked tomatoes or roast chicken, apply before grilling or baking to kabobs, chicken and white fish. This blend can be added to foods before or during cooking or mixed with cooking oil prior to cooking so as to infuse the flavor into the cooked food. They are rarely added after cooking is complete.
Ingredients Herbes de Provence & Guatemalan Fleur de Sel Salt
All Natural Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Kosher Yes
Non-GMO Yes
Organic No
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