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No. 156 - Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea

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History of Chinese Floral Scented Tea

Making floral scented tea has a very long history. It can be traced back to Song Dynasty (??????) when people added a natural perfume, kapur, into tea. Though it is not flower, the significance of adding perfume into tea is literally the same as making flower scented tea. Floral scented tea was not massively produced until Qing Dynasty (AD 1851 - 1861). Around 1890, it became a regular drinking among peoples. After the foundation of new China, the production area of floral scented tea was expanded, and the yearly output was increased. Nowadays, Fujian Province is the number one production area of floral scented tea in China.

About Farmers

Mr. Lin Xingbiao has been a professional tea farmer for thirty years. Born in a traditional tea family, he was deeply influenced by his family and built his own tea factory in 1966. With the gradual growth of his factory, he is trying to seek the common development between enterprise and tea farmers.

He thinks that the most challenging factor is the weather. If tea leaves suffered from bad weather, the yield would be reduced and the quality would not reach the standard.

If tea leaves suffered from cold weather, straws would be used to cover them and protect them from being frosted. This is what Mr. Lin gets from his experience over the years.

Therefore, the first priority is to strictly control product quality and ensure its reputation. Mr. Lin, together with his tea factory, will continue to provide high-quality tea leaves and regularly increase the number of tea factory which provides the healthy and natural tea beverage for the public.

Where is this Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea Produced?

Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea is from Fuding in Fujian province, on the south eastern Chinese coast.

Map of Fujian province

This tropical mountainous coastal area is perfect for growing Pekoe. It has abundant rainfall and temperatures that are neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The mountains around the farms are more than 80% forested, ensuring the soil has a high natural fertility and organic content, removing the need to use fertilizers.

Special Tea Tree

The climate of Fuding, Fujian is appropriate for different tea trees, including the tea tree of Chamomile Rose Needle White Tea, which is Yunnan large leaf specie. This tea tree is originally from Yunnan. It is one of the excellent tea tree species in the world. This specie is not only excellent for producing pu-erh tea, but also for green tea, black tea and white tea. Science researches show that Yunnan large leaf specie contains high content of tea polyphenol, catechinic acid, and amino acid.

The Health Benefits of Flower Scented Tea

Chamomile is of compositae family, originates in European. The chamomile of this Chamomile Rose Needle White Tea is planted in Sinkiang, China. According to traditional Chinese medicine, chamomile is described as: sweet aroma, slightly bitter, good for easing fatigue and reducing blood pressure. It can be infused with rose, which is also useful in traditional Chinese medicine. Rose is good for blood, and can also nourish the skin.

Brief Health Info

White tea contains various functional components, including caffeine, tea polyphenol, tea polysaccharide, theaflavin, theanine and so on, which are beneficial for human health in multiple aspects. For example, tea polypgenol can anti-aging, by antioxidation and clearing free radical away; caffeine is diuretic due to its function of restraining the re-absorbing of sodium, chloridion and water; flavanols, and also caffeine, help to refresh mind and remove fat.

More Information
SKU 8156
Shelf Life 10 Years
Packed United States of America
Ingredients White Tea, Rose Buds, and Chamomile Flowers
Antioxidant Medium
Caffeine Low
Iced? No
Lemon? No
Milk? No
Mint? No
Sugar? No
Chinese Gongfu Method (Water Amount) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Water Temp) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Amount) Not Available
Chinese Gongfu Method (Time) Not Available
Western Method (Water Amount) 16.9 fl oz / 500 ml
Western Method (Water Temp) 185 F / 85 C
Western Method (Amount) 2 Tablespoons
Western Method (Time) 1-3 Mins (to taste)
All Natural Yes
Gluten Free Yes
Kosher No
Non-GMO Yes
Organic No
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