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5262 Slow Cooker Garam Masala Coconut Pork Stew

5262 Slow Cooker Garam Masala Coconut Pork Stew

In a small bowl, combine the Garam Masala, Ground Cumin, Coarse Himalayan Salt, and Cayenne Pepper.  Place the pork in a glass bowl and rub the spice mixture onto all sides of the pork.  Cover and refrigerate overnight.  Pour the yellow split peas into a bowl and cover with boiling water.  When cool cover and refrigerate overnight. 

Allow the pork and drained yellow split peas to heat up to room temperature.  In a large skillet over medium high heat, melt the coconut oil.  Sear the pork on all sides and then add to the slow cooker.  In the same skillet add the onions, Whole Indonesian Cassia Cinnamon, and Minced Garlic.  Cook until onions are golden brown and then add stir in the tomatoes, Jalapeno Pepper Salt, Whole Yellow Mustard Seeds, Whole Leaf Cilantro, and the coconut milk.  Bring to a boil and then add dried yellow split peas.  Pour mixture over the pork in the slow cooker.  Cover and cook on high for 6 hours or until meat is fork tender.  Serve in a bowl with a sprinkle of Whole Leaf Cilantro. 

- 3 pounds boneless pork butt, cut into 1 ½” strips

- 4 tablespoons (5002) Ground Cumin

- 2 tablespoons (4027) Himalayan Salt (Coarse)

- 4 tablespoons (5262) Garam Masala

- ½ teaspoon (5006) Cayenne Pepper

- 1 cup dried yellow split peas

- 3 tablespoons coconut oil

- 1 onion, diced

- 2 sticks (5016) Whole Indonesian Cassia Cinnamon "Korintje" 

- 4 tablespoons (5030) Minced Garlic

- 2 tablespoons (4234) Jalapeno Pepper Salt

- 1 can diced tomatoes (28 ounce)

- 2 cups coconut milk

- 2 tablespoons (5035) Whole Leaf Cilantro

- 1 tablespoon (5042) Whole Yellow Mustard Seeds

Garam Masala is the Indian equivalent of French herbes de Provence or Chinese five-spice powder


Our spices give the meat a flavorful depth: aromas of garam masala, cinnamon and cumin, and a slight sting from the cayenne

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SKU 5262 4234 5016 R169


Prep Time 15 Minutes
Cook Time 6 Hours +
Total Time 6 Hours + Marinade time
Yield 8 Servings
Level Easy
Credits Chef Cindy Taffel & Photographer Robyn Handler
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